About us

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Scott Jacobs
Professional Engineer

SCOTT is a licensed professional engineer in three states, including Arizona, Nevada and California with his BA in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a MA in structural engineering.  For the last 24 years, Scott has continued to focus on residential and commercial engineering.

Karey Zimmerman
Sr. Project Manager

KAREY has been working in the construction industry for 30+ years. Starting with commercial but shifted his main focus to high-end custom homes.

Eduardo Arzate
Design Manager

EDUARDO has been working in construction and design for 25+ years. ‘Custom Homes & Interior Designs are my Passion.’ He is constantly sketching up new ideas to use on current and future projects.

Hiram Lowe
Revit Specialist

HIRAM has been working in BIM and design for 7+ years, during which he worked on all matters of residential and commercial projects. He is constantly researching and testing out new technologies and methods to improve not only the efficiency, but also the aesthetic appeal of the Design Development and Construction Document Process.

Scott Meiers
Designer / Illustrator

SCOTT has been working in all phases of construction for 46+ years and has been a contractor in 3 different states. He is an accomplished illustrator and a valuable member of this design team.